GRANT AWARDS PROGRAM Annually, small grant awards are given to teachers for programs that demonstrate effective ways to meet student needs and increase motivation to learn. Grants are not made to replace on-going funding obligations of the local districts.
The CAPE EDUCATIONAL FUND will accomplish its purpose of promoting excellence in education by:
  • Recognizing teachers who give individual time and attention to students when needed
  • Supporting excellence in sound and creative instruction that makes use of innovative research and learning aids
  • Promoting the use of superior classroom materials and curriculum geared to students with special needs, in a remedial or gifted situation
  • Developing regular opportunities for enriching classroom knowledge through field trips that expand the walls of the classroom and provide experiences in the world as it is and was
We would like to thank everyone who has helped us to make these grants possible. Their support has inspired THE CAPE EDUCATIONAL FUND Board to continue their efforts to provide these grants.